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Monday 14/12
14:00 Welcoming
Session: Vision Sensor Design and Vision Sensor Hardware
14:10 Mojtaba Parsakordasiabi: A 26ps RMS Precision Time-to-Digital Converter Using an Improved Delay Line Implemented in an Artix-7 FPGA
14:30 Daniel García-Lesta: 98x98 pixels CMOS Vision Sensor for Foreground Detection
14:50 Marko Jaklin: Progress on 4T-APS HDR Pixel Design for Event Detection
15:10 Ginés Doménech-Asensi: Digital design of a 4-bit / 8-bit quantized deep neural network for traffic sign recognition
15:30 Hossein Khosravi: Efficient implementation of In-Memory Computing (IMC) in order to bring AI to the edge
15:50 BREAK
Session: Edge AI and cooperative camera systems
16:10 Florian Lemarchand: The Embedded Eavesdropper: a new Form of AI-powered Smart Camera
16:30 Patrick Heyer: Cooperative Visual Analysis Communication Framework
16:50 Walther Carballo-Hernández: System Identification for DL on FPGA-GPU Embedded Heterogeneous Platforms
Tuesday 15/12
14:00 Wilfried Philips & Bart Goossens: tutorial Cooperative Smart Sensor Fusion & Differentiable Programming for Edge Devices
Session: Deep Learning and Visual Inference
15:20 Riu Rodríguez-Sakamoto: Inference from low-dimensional images
15:40 Chengjin Lyu: Unsupervised Transfer Learning for Visible-Thermal Pedestrian Detection
16:00 Asad Munir: Self and Channel feature correlations in Consistently Attentive Network for Person Re-Identification
16:20 BREAK
16:40 Yu Liu: TEDdet: Temporal Feature Exchange and Difference Network for Lightweight Action Detection
17:00 Anas Bahou: Development of a convolutional neural network for the real-time measurement of displacement and strain fields on the surface of deformed structures
17:20 Delia Velasco-Montero: Remote Animal Recognition: a Case Study of IoT Visual Inference
Wednesday 16/12
EU Projects Interaction Session
14:00 Johan Plomp: ECSEL NextPerception
14:20 Paula López Martínez: Presentation of the MSCA ITN MENELAOS_NT - European Training Network on Multimodal Environmental Exploration Systems
14:40 Hiep Luong: ECSEL Comp4Drones
15:00 Ricardo Carmona Galán: H2020-MSCA-ITN ACHIEVE
15:20 BREAK
Session: Sensor-related image processing
15:40 Ny Ando Raherizaka: Embedded Multispectral Imagery
16:00 Mohsen Nourazar: GPU-Accelerated CNN-based Image De-noising for Edge Devices
16:20 Gopi Krishna Erabati: SL3D - Single Look 3D Object Detection based on RGB-D Images