Title: Quasar benchmarks

1. Custom benchmarks

As a first case, we implemented three algorithms in both directly in CUDA and in Quasar as custom benchmarks, and we compare both the development times and the execution times of the algorithms:

The execution times for a Geforce GTX780M (Kepler), lines of code (LOC) and development times are given in the table below. It can be noted that, for about 3x less code and a significant lower development time, the resulting execution times are very close to the CUDA implementations of the algorithm.

Test program CUDA - time (ms) Quasar - time (ms) CUDA - LOC Quasar - LOC CUDA - Dev time Quasar - Dev time Description Runs of the algorithm
filter (1) 3042.29 3051.174 140 61 1h20 0h15 Filter 32 taps, with global memory 10000
filter (2) 958.832 831.0475 Filter 32 taps, with shared memory 10000
surfwrite (1) 4998.2 5056.289 195 61 1h30 0h20 2D spatial filter 32x32 separable, with global memory 10000
surfwrite (2) 2144.71 2286.131 2D spatial filter 32x32 seperable, with texture & surface memory 10000
tex4 (1) 410.23 518.0296 348 120 3h50 0h30 wavelet filter, with global memory 1000
tex4 (2) 384.548 386.0221 wavelet filter, with global memory & float3 1000
tex4 (3) 486.875 352.0201 wavelet filter, with texture memory (1 component) 1000
tex4 (4) 119.801 170.0098 wavelet filter, with texture memory (RGBA) 1000

Graph_benchmarks.png Figure 2. Comparison of the execution times of various test programs


#2. A more complex test-case

In a second test-case, an experienced independent researcher at a different university implemented an MRI reconstruction algorithm (parallel MRI reconstruction for spiral grid trajectories) in CUDA in a period of three months. Simultaneously, a researcher of the UGent/IPI research groups 1) learned how to use Quasar from the ground up (he did not use Quasar before) and 2) implemented exactly the same algorithm in Quasar. This was achieved in a period of three days! Below are some computation time results obtained for different data set sizes:

MRI Image size k-space samples CUDA developer Quasar developer
128x128 32x128 2.0 ms 1.9 ms
256x256 32x256 2.0 ms 2.4 ms
256x256 64x256 3.0 ms 2.8 ms
256x256 128x256 4.0 ms 3.6 ms