Bart Goossens

My name is Bart Goossens, I am professor at Ghent University-imec (department TELIN), in the field of digital image processing.

Teaching activities

I am lecturer for the following courses:

  • "Modeling, Making, Measuring" (topic GPS trajectories, 1st Bachelor of Science in Engineering),
  • "Image Processing", together with Prof. W. Philips (Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering)
  • "Multimedia" (Master of Science in Industrial Engineering).
  • "Embedded systems: hardware synthesis" (3rd Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering)

Professional activities

Since 2021, I am an associate editor for IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

Contact info:

Prof. Dr. ir. Bart Goossens
imec-Ghent University
Image Processing and Interpretation (IPI) research group
St.-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, B9000 Gent, Belgium
Technicum blok 3, office
See page TELIN/personnel

How can you reach me?

You can reach my office through the main entrance in St.Pietersnieuwstraat 41 or via the rear side of the building (Scheldekaai).

Route via Scheldekaai: when coming from the Scheldekaai, take the new entrance of block 3, then on your right is an elevator. Take the elevator to the 1st floor (we start counting from 0). When you exit the elevator, my office is the first one on your left.

Alternative route via St.Pietersnieuwstraat 41: take the left entrance of the technicum building (automatic door). Walk down along the parallel stairs to floor -2 1/2. There, take the corridor which leads you to our building. Walk through this corridor until you reach another stairwell. Do not take the stairs, but enter the corridor. My office is half-way the corridor, next to the elevator, in room

Academic grades

  • PhD. in Engineering (doctoraat in de ingenieurswetenschappen), Ghent University, Ghent, May 2010.
  • MSc. Computer Science (burgerlijk ingenieur in de computerwetenschappen), Ghent University, Ghent, July 2006.

Research topics and interests

Master thesis topics: see here.


  1. Classes:

    All course material can be found on Ufora.

  2. Master theses supervised/under supervision:

    • Antoon Dauwe (2006-2007), (co-supervisor dr. Hiep Luong): "Denoising using a Non-Local Means"
    • Saartje De Neve (2008-2009), (cosupervisor dr. Hiep Luong): "Acquisition and Display of High Dynamic Range images" (Dutch: "Opname en weergave van beelden met een hoog dynamisch bereik") - received Barco/FWO prize for master theses 2009.
    • Ignace Loose (2009-2010), (co-supervisor Jan Aelterman): Detection of Fog in Video Sequences
    • Jense Seurynck (2009-2010), (cosupervisor Hiep Luong): YouTube++ (Video restoration)
    • Kevin Anckaert (2010-2011), (co-supervisor Jan Aelterman): joint noise reduction and demosaicing for the reconstruction of digital camera images - received Barco/FWO prize for master theses 2011
    • Jan Parasote (2010-2011), (co-supervisor dr. Filip Rooms): realtime video restoration using CUDA.
    • Pieter Everaerd (2011-2012), co-supervisor: dr. Hiep Luong: intelligent resolution enhancement for high-resolution displays.
    • Lieven Rigo (2013-2014), co-supervisor: dr. Hiep Luong: restoration of digitalized analog television sequences.
    • (as promoter) Anne Roets (2014-2015), co-promoter: Prof. Ahmed Elhossini (Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany).
    • (as promoter) Tomes Stoop (2015-2016), co-promoter: Prof. Yvan Saeys (UGent): accelerated solving of linear systems with GPU parallelization.
    • (as promoter) Toon Van De Maele (2016-2017): Image processing using efficient deep learning algorithms.
    • (as promoter) Jonathan Peck (2016-2017), co-promoter: Prof. Yvan Saeys: Robustness of Classifiers to Adversarial Perturbations.
    • (as promoter) Toon Van De Maele (2016-2017): image restoration based on deep learning
    • (as promoter) Aitor De Blas (2017-2018): A task reordering multi-GPU scheduling strategy for optimizing image processing algorithms
    • (as promoter) Basile Van Hoorick (2018-2019) together with Prof. E. d'Hollander: FPGA-Based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) using High-Level Synthesis
    • (as co-promoter) Stijn Kindt (2019-2020) together with Prof. H. Luong: Orthomosaic reconstruction from UAV video
    • (as promoter) Pieter Berteloot (2019-2020) together with Prof. E. d'Hollander: Real-time pixel correction for high resolution cameras using field-programmable gate arrays.
    • (as promoter) Joris Vanden Broeck (2020-2022) together with Prof. E. d'Hollander: Acceleration of Stereo-Vision based Object Detection and Tracking using VPU and FPGA.
    • (as promoter) Wannes Van Leemput (2020-2021) together with Prof. H. Luong: Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) using Optical Flow.
    • (as promoter) Robin De Vos (2021-2022): Pose estimation for autonomous vehicles using semantic segmentation-based ICP
    • (as promoter) Michiel Piens (2021-2022): Clustering PCBs based on fingerprints
    • (as promoter) Ferdinand Van der Vennet (2021-2023): Unsupervised classification of PCBs
    • (as promoter) Toon Lanszweert (2023-2024): Real-time Image Relighting on a Xilinx KRIA Edge Computing Device

Scientific awards

  • In Nov. 2023, I received the 2023 Outstanding Editorial Board Member Award from the IEEE Signal Processing Society, for outstanding editorial board service for the IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.
  • On Dec. 13, 2011, I received the annual Scientific Prize IBM Belgium for Informatics 2011, for my Ph.D. dissertation "Multiresolution Image Models and Estimation Techniques."
  • On Dec 3, 2008, we received a Certificate of Merit for Education Exhibits at RSNA2008 for our poster J. Aelterman, B. Goossens, K. Deblaere, A. Pizurica and W. Philips, "A 3D denoising algorithm for MRI volumes corrupted by correlated noise," 94th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA2008), Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • On Nov 22, 2006, I received the Barco/FWO prize for master theses 2006 for my work "Advanced noise reduction in the wavelet domain for colour video" .